Is Lone Working Making You Sad?

While lone working, such as freelancing, has its benefits, it can also be hard to cope with. From feelings of depression and isolation to missing the camaraderie that comes from working with others, here are a few of the top reasons lone working can be difficult.
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Depression and Loneliness

Even the most introverted person will begin to feel loneliness and isolation creeping in if they spend enough time working alone. In this setting, there is no chatting about upcoming weekend or holiday plans, no office banter or gossip to listen to when you need a quick (or long) break, and no one to bounce ideas off of. While it is true that this sense of seclusion is more difficult for some people than others, every lone worker will struggle with it from time to time.

Lack of Camaraderie

Even in an office that is often filled with drama, an employee knows there is someone they can turn to when they want to discuss a certain situation, problem, or even what is happening in the news. Along the same lines, there is always someone to complain to when the copier jams for the tenth time in a single day or a certain client is constantly demanding more than you can possibly give. For lone workers, this simply is not the case.

No One to Fall Back On

Lone workers are responsible for every aspect of their business, which can quickly leave them overwhelmed. After all, there is no one to turn to for help if they are sick, experience a family emergency, or simply want to take a little time off. They essentially have two options. One, they can work through it or two, potentially upset clients by putting projects and deadlines off.
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Issues with Motivation

While there are some people who are able to provide enough self-motivation that they are able to get things done, others cannot do it. When lone workers struggle with motivation, their work and productivity can suffer, which will also affect their earnings and potentially their reputation.

Unable to Balance Home and Work

For lone workers, it can be almost impossible to balance home and work. After all, when your home doubles as your office, you don’t have the luxury of leaving all of your work behind at the end of the day. While it is true that lone workers can shut the door, some are immediately drawn back to it. In fact, if they are not careful, their life may turn out to all work and no play.

Deafening Silence

In an office, there is almost always a continuous buzz of activity in the background. The same can’t be said when working alone. In fact, for some lone workers, the silence can be more distracting than the constant conversation and movement they would potentially have to deal with if they worked in an office setting.
It is impossible to deny that lone working has its advantages, but there are also downfalls associated with it. Companies like Meanwhile Creative offer serviced office space in Bristol and Cardiff with the opportunity to share workspace with other professionals.