Online for 3 hours + will make you sad

We’ve all had to deal with at least one job that was so mundane and boring that it had us seriously considering diving head-first into the industrial paper shredder or drinking the printer ink just to put us out of our misery. Thankfully, one place exists where this form of cruel and unusual punishment for pay couldn’t be further from the norm: the world of online Search Engine Optimization in the UK. On the surface it seems like a very run-of-the-mill type of subject, just something that has to be done when you work creating web pages that will require the creation of keywords; but if your line of work includes this process, you have undoubtedly had a few experiences or have run into some things that have brought you a chuckle or two:

seo and funny images
Did you know that there is actually a video game, fashioned after the old-school favorite Donkey Kong, called Donkey Cutts, based on the head of Google’s Webscam team Matt Cutts? It’s pretty much the same game we all remember and love, but rather than having a big ape tossing barrels at you, the game stars Matt himself. You use an avatar to earn social media cred. You must steer clear of the panda and penguin “updates”, and you win the game by ascending the ladders to reach the top level. Along the way you have to combat the bad guys, which are negative SEOs and you have to create awesome content to replace them. For successfully doing so you will win white hat links, all the while avoiding the penguins and pandas that are “barrelling” your way?

Get the idea?

This game is available to play for free online, and the response to it from the SEO world and hardcore gamers alike has been nothing short of insane. It went viral within a matter of a few hours.

Funny SEO links are generally associated with funny videos, GIFs, or memes. A quick search of the internet will bring you to sites like:

funny search engine optimisation image with cats and dogs in it
The world of internet technology can be a daunting place, and for the people who must work as part of it every day, it can get very stressful. Having a good laugh is healthy, and it restores the ability for the brain to continue dealing with situations that may otherwise cause it to pack up it’s bags and leave for a very long vacay. Nobody wants that. And honestly, how hard can it be to find something side-splitting hilarious in a business where you have to come up with SEO keywords for things like beastiality web pages, web pages for hardcore fans of nose-picking and pimple popping, people with diaper-wearing fetishes, the list is endless. I mean for heaven’s sake people are getting PAID to come up with search engine key terms that will help direct people to these kinds of web pages!

Just think of the fun there is to be had!

How could you EVER possibly have a bad day at the office?!?Granted, there are some very serious subjects that must be dealt with when working in the SEO field, but just as with any job you cannot let the stress take over. It’s a scientifically proven fact that the most creative people can become some of the most deeply depressed. Laughter is great for chasing the blues away, and if there is opportunity for SEO giggles to be had, then by all means, get your giggle on. It keeps your mind relaxed and sharp at the same time, and it keeps the creative juices flowing. So go ahead and pop off with some wild and crazy suggestions for keywords and phrases that will direct an unsuspecting public to anything and everything their little hearts can conjure up.

Trust me when I say they sit around and do it too, even though they don’t get paid for it or anything. It’s just FUN. And while it’s necessary to reign in your twisted side when dealing with clients who are quite serious about having you create SEOs to direct people to their web page dedicated to breast-feeding cats or the like, there’s nothing wrong with doing your job, making the client happy, and then going out back and laughing so hard you vomit.Just keep an eye out for co-workers who may be making a meme out of the whole thing!

Hope you enjoyed this article?